the client.

Tecktonic & Sons is a property developer in Sarawak and has engaged in over 15 commercial and residential projects across the state, including GalaCity and Iman Mall in Kota Samarahan.

Since 2020, Tecktonic & Sons has consistently collaborated with Pencil Rocket to accomplish a series of online campaigns to further promote their brand awareness and social media engagement. 

the outcome.

Through personalized and targeted social media ads, a prominent rise in brand awareness and increase in sales was noted.


Using a customized chatbot solution, interested individuals were guided through an immersive and interactive journey engaging them in their questions regarding Tecktonic & Sons' properties.


In just a span of 2 months, Tecktonic & Sons successfully closed 2 buyers (worth more than RM500,000 each) through chatbot marketing.


They also received multiple scheduled showroom bookings with only a RM800/month ad budget. 


On top of that, Facebook ads for Tecktonic & Sons' luxury apartments were able to attract more than 50 people for a show unit in one weekend, all from a RM150 ad budget. Without any other traditional advertising methods in tow, Tecktonic & Sons managed to close 7 property bookings worth more than RM650,000 each.

Attracted >50 people showroom in one weekend with a RM150 ad budget

Sold 7 properties worth

>RM650,000 each

the challenge.

In 2020, the Malaysian government imposed the Movement Control Order (MCO) to combat the worldwide pandemic COVID-19.


Tecktonic & Sons struggled with getting sales online due to the existing restrictions implemented and faced a decrease of public engagement.


our approach.

In order to reach a broad spectrum of the target audience, a full-funnel ad approach was developed to lead people through the consumer journey seamlessly.


Through utilizing Facebook ads to carry out the multi-phase strategy, Tecktonic & Sons was able to connect with different audiences for the best results. Furthermore, a well-customized property chatbot further facilitated the process of attaining qualified leads. 

Developed a full-funnel ad approach to generate leads

Built a customized property chatbot to introduce projects, locations, floor plans and ultimately qualified leads online

Instant Experience Ad

Collection Ad

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