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the client.

Taka Patisserie is one of Kuching's largest bakery franchise and high tea F&B outlets.


With more than 10 branches across the city of Kuching, Taka Patisserie has established itself as one of Kuching's highest rated premium cake house and cafe, further solidifying their position as a household name for quality baked goods and desserts.

Taka Patisserie has engaged Pencil Rocket to not just reconstruct its ecommerce operations but also manage their social media account, where primary focus is set on maintaining a lively social media presence and facilitating their online business and promotions.

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the outcome.

Taka Patisserie's social media accounts saw significantly improvement with a more active and updated feed, filled with creative graphics and engaging posts.


Through the use of an automated cake ordering chatbot, online cake sales has since increased by 20%, even during MCO and CMCO period.


Across a span of 10 months, we ran Facebook ad campaigns which included bespoke ads for Christmas, Lunar New Years and Valentines Day, amounting more than 4900 subscribers to the chatbot.

More so, with an ad budget of RM350, our Facebook ads for Taka Patisserie's "Box of Love" Birthday Campaign reached more than 60,000k people and generated more than 20,000k post engagement in likes, shares and comments.

>60k Reach 

on one single Birthday Campaign ad

An increase online cake sales by 20%

More than 4900 subscribers into Facebook chatbot

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the challenge.

One of the main issues faced by Taka Patisserie was a lack in manpower to manage their different social media platforms. Their Instagram account in particular was not regularly updated and lacked creative and engaging content.

Taka Patisserie also found it difficult to keep track of the large volume of online orders received through regular Facebook messaging, especially during promotional seasons. Many incoming messages and enquiries were left unattended and Taka Patisserie's social media was unwittingly viewed as unresponsive. 

our approach.

In order to connect with audiences from all levels of the marketing funnel, we deployed a phased campaign through a series of immersive Facebook ads.


With a swift click of a button, Taka Patisserie's Facebook ads will lead to automated tools such as the chatbot or be guided to a custom-made Instant Experience, where the goal is to help customers pick out what they want and facilitate the purchasing process.

We also revamped Taka Patisserie's social media accounts by scheduling consistent posts and updates for a more engaging Instagram feed. We have planned on-site shoots which also provide organic content as well as a better look from a customer's perspective.

Developed a full-funnel ad approach to generate leads and target potential clients

Managed and revamped their social media content and having scheduled photoshoots

Built a customized chatbot to introduce promotions, facilitate order process, and lead customers to Whatsapp

Instant Experience Ad

Social Media Feed

Video Ad Campaign