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#Survey Campaign

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the client.

Hock Seng Lee Berhad (HSL) is a Sarawakian marine engineering, civil engineering and construction company which has also diversified into property development.


On the other hand, Arena Sukan is Kuching’s first Multi Sports Complex, well-equipped with professional facilities for sports such as futsal, badminton and table tennis.

In collaboration with Arena Sukan, HSL have plans to build a sport complex next to La Promenade, one of HSL's most prominent residential property projects.


To do this, HSL engaged Pencil Rocket to create an interactive sports survey form in order to collect data and analyze which sport facility the community preferred.

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the outcome.

In only 3 short weeks, our HSL Facebook Sport Survey Ad was able to reach more than 22,000 people.


Additionally, with a cost per result of only RM0.31, HSL was able to collect more than 800 submitted responses, which covered a wide range of questions from their current living areas, their top 3 sports facility to their age range.  


Not only was HSL able to understand the community better, but they are also now better prepared to accommodate them as well.

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>22k Reach

Average cost per result was only


>800 Replies

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the challenge.

HSL approached us with the hopes of creating an interactive spin through interactive online surveying methods instead of utilizing traditional market research surveys.


Online surveys have proven to not only save cost and time, but also pull in a larger response rate due to its interactivity, flexibility and accessibility.

our approach.

In order to reach the right target audience, we launched a Facebook traffic ad campaign with the goal of obtaining a larger audience number to fill up the interactive survey form we created.


The interactive online survey form was a time-saving and convenient effort to facilitate the process of data collection which can be easily tabulated for later use.


Also, to better engage the audience, our ads employed A/B testing methods using different creatives variations to find the winning ad creative as well as the most efficient ad spend.


Through testing a variety of creatives, we were able to find out which creative was more engaging and eye-catching to our audience members.

Developed a full-funnel ad approach to generate leads and target potential clients


Employed A/B testing using different creative variations to find the winning ad creative


Constructed an interactive sports survey form to collect and tabulate data

Interactive Online Survey 

Video Ad Campaign

Image Ad Campaign