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the client.

Creative Hamper Supplies Network is a local business that supplies gifts and hampers to families, friends and businesses alike all year round. Known as one of Kuching’s earliest operating gift shops, they have more than solidified themselves as a household name to many of the locals. 


Considering Sarawak’s multicultural and diverse community, Creative Hamper enlisted the help of Pencil Rocket to promote their custom-made Raya and Gawai hampers (both of which are huge festivities for Sarawakians).

the outcome.

Creative Hamper saw a significant influx of inquiries after launching their limited Raya and Gawai festive hampers through Facebook ads. In the course of only two weeks, Creative Hamper managed to sell out all of their Raya hampers. 


They also saw a large number of younger, fresh-looking new faces, apart from their core customers, visiting their store and asking for the product catalogue. This was a huge breakthrough, as their advertising strategy this time around heavily relied on social media advertising, of which most of the targeted users were of a younger age range.  


Through consolidated efforts from Facebook advertising and social media posting, we were able to drive awareness and increase customer engagement, where a substantial amount of leads were successfully converted into sales.

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 all Raya hampers in 2 weeks

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Received an influx of inquiries from a younger audience

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the challenge.

As Raya and Gawai festivities were under strict regulations due to Covid-19, Creative Hamper feared the exhausted festive ambience in the community would greatly result in a plummet in sales. 


They also found it difficult to reach their usual customers and promote their products now that people were less willing to step out from their houses. As a result, they had to think of another, new alternative to boost their sales for the season.

our approach.

We first focused on content. Through collaborating with a local graphic designer and photographer, we devised a content calendar for social postings that would bring to life the essence of Raya and Gawai at first glance.


Next, we developed a full-funnel e-commerce strategy and experimented with a variety of specific audience targeting. For the ads, we created a full catalogue Instant Experience which seamlessly showcases selected designs for both Raya and Gawai hampers. We explored audience receptiveness through A/B testing difference covers for our catalogues and were able to tell what the audience preferred more of.


Through boosting their social media content, we not only brought awareness to their products, but also introduced their brand to an untapped pool of potential leads on both Facebook and Instagram.


Lastly, we utilized a Messenger Chatbot to help guide interested users down an enhanced customer journey. Users were able to view details about the products such as the price and hamper contents, eventually leading them to contact the sales team directly through Whatsapp.

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Created a content calendar for their social media postings to further publicize the festive hampers 

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Developed a full-funnel ad strategy to an untapped audience on both

Facebook and Instagram

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Designed a custom interactive Messenger chatbot that seamlessly

leads users to contact the sales team

Catalogue Instant Experience

Social Media Feed Posts

Bespoke Messenger Chatbot